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Bertha Park SUDs park private apartments

Throughout the Springfield Group, there is a strong focus on sustainability, from the materials we use to efficient energy consumption. 

Built in efficiency

We begin by using FSC approved timber, with kits produced in Scotland at our off-site factory. Our homes are founded on a ‘fabric first’ approach, as we believe a thick, quality insulation is the first and most important step to retain heat in the home. The thermal materials we use go beyond building regulations and the standard provided by many other housebuilders. 

Clever heating solutions

We use a hybrid heating system in all of our houses, with an air source heat pump drawing warm air into the home. This reduces the amount of work your boiler needs to do to provide heating and hot water, saving energy and money.

Our apartments are fitted with PV solar panels, and we use wastewater heat recovery systems and gas saver units.

We also incorporate water butts, low level flush for toilets, and flow restrictors in hand basins and showers, to contribute towards the environmental credentials of each home.

Maximising daylight

Our homes are designed to optimise daylight and solar gain with the use of larger windows in the kitchen and living spaces, and sun pipes can be installed in the roof to act as a mirror tunnel directing daylight into hallways with no windows.

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