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Timber Kits

At Springfield, we've been building our homes using timber kits since the 90s. We build around 90% of our homes using timber kits from our off-site kit factories in Elgin and Bellshill.

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The benefits of using timber kits

It’s well documented that there is a housing shortage across Scotland and we are all, as businesses and individuals, trying to do more to reduce our impact on the environment. Using timber frame is a popular method across the industry in Scotland, less so than the wider UK, and helps to tackle both of these challenges.

Timber frames are a robust method of construction, are quicker to build and offer a greater level of quality control than a traditional build, and are cost effective. They offer a natural, high quality and durable build from a sustainable source, and when paired with thick thermal fabric, create an energy efficient home. We use FSC or PSFC approved timber.

Waste plastic road

In 2019 we carried out renovation works to the kit factory. The warehouse needed a new roof and we also re-tarred the car park. Given that sustainability is at the core of the business we were keen to use environmentally friendly products. We found an asphalt product that uses waste plastic that cannot currently be recycled. As a result, the less bitumen is needed. The end result is a road that is 60% more durable than a traditional mix and is better for the environment.